Gavin Hulley with a ripe Périgord Black Truffles from the Amuri Truffiere in North Canterbury.

Quality Périgord Black Truffles


At Amuri Truffiere our mission is to produce the best quality Périgord Black Truffles available outside of their native France. We are able to achieve this due to our unique site characteristics and careful management.


Amuri Truffiere supplies truffles to some of New Zealand's top restaurants and lodges, and direct to the public.

One of last year's truffles.

Fresh ripe Périgord Black Truffles

Grown in Limestone Soils


The limestone rich Rendzina soils of the Truffiere are derived from the underlying Amuri Limestone. This is the same soil type in which truffles are grown in their native France.


We believe it is this ideal combination of lime rich Rendzina soils and the warm dry climate of North Canterbury that results in the quality of our truffles being as good as those grown in France.

Gavin with our largest 2014 Truffle. Note high lime content of soil.



Gavin Hulley of Amuri Truffiere has developed a keen sense of smell, something that comes in handy in harvesting season. Sophie, Gavin's highly trained truffle sniffing dog, does the initial hunt for ripe truffles, then Gavin checks to make sure the truffles are ripe for harvest.


With more than 11 years production experience under our belts, we have been able to fine tune our quality control to ensure you get the best quality Périgord Black Truffles that have the maximum aroma and flavour. 

Sophie - looks cute and fluffy but a demon at finding ripe Périgord Black Truffles.

Sophie waits patiently while Gavin checks if the truffle she found is ready to harvest.


Buying truffles

Most years our season starts with a few truffles in early June with production increasing to a reliable supply of truffles from mid to late June to late August. Some seasons production extends to mid September but in smaller quantities.


To buy truffles Contact:


Gavin or Anne Hulley

027 4626068


More About Amuri Truffiere

The Amuri Truffiere was planted in 1997 and started producing truffles in 2004. The Truffiere is owned by Gavin Hulley, Georgette Wang and Chris Prat. Amuri Truffiere is the trading name for GGC Truffles Ltd


The Truffiere is managed by Gavin and Anne Hulley and the ever important truffle dog Sophie.


In 2015 we changed the name to Amuri Truffiere, as we felt this reflected the unique quality that the Amuri limestone gives our truffles.

Harvesting a truffle.


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